Thursday, 27 August 2015

Renaissance Lute, chapter 4 - Cleanup & reinforcement

February - March 2012

When the happiness of having completed the bowl assembly has settled, work can move on.
The next steps take the bowl to a more presentable robust state. The sellotape is removed, glue excess is washed away, the spacers are scraped flush, the false soundboard is cut and a set of clamps for the endliner are prepared. The endliner is also made and glued to the bowl.


I found it handy to actually use the planing desk to cut the edge of the bowl to its final line. By pressing the sides, the bowl takes up a different shape that allows to plane the slight recess that eventually causes the soundboard to be cupped longitudinally.

 When all of that is done, the reinforcement stripes of paper are glued on the inside.

Finally the endclasp can be cut, bent and glued to the bowl. Some little adjustments must be done to close all the little gaps that can remain. The travel iron is the right tool for that.

I decided to add an extra fillet to the endclasp, for a nice contrast and to conceal the little gaps that would not go away, even when asked politely. I bent the fillets over a soldering iron.

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